Generative AI Adoption

Generative AI adoption is the process of businesses and individuals adopting and using generative AI technologies to improve their operations and create new products and services.

Generative AI Opportunities

Generative AI technology presents tremendous opportunities as well as challenges for organizations. To help organizations figure out where to begin and how to effectively employ generative AI technologies, KWP Consulting has partnered with Jim Sterne, a leading digital visionary  ( to offer generative AI education, strategy development, and integration support to help companies understand, adopt and benefit from these powerful new capabilities.

Offerings include:

EXECUTIVE FORUMS: Facilitating executive forums to align leadership on an AI vision and high-level strategy. We interview executives in advance to assess the current state, then lead an in-person session to build consensus and an action plan.

PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOPS: Educating professionals at all levels on generative AI concepts and capabilities through interactive workshops. Participants gain a solid grasp of how generative AI differs from “traditional” AI, its current abilities, and its potential applications.

GOVERNANCE: Developing policies, guidelines and governance models to manage risks and ethical use of generative AI. Our frameworks help maintain brand integrity, security and social responsibility.

PROMPT ENGINEERING: Providing prompt engineering training and services to optimize generative AI output. Well-designed prompts are key to delivering useful results.

PROCESS INTEGRATION and ONGOING ADVISORY SERVICES: Advising companies on effective integration into products, services and operations. We help identify high-potential applications and chart the path to successful adoption.

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The possibilities of generative AI are astounding. However, thoughtful strategies are crucial to realize the benefits while navigating the pitfalls. Let KWP Consulting and our partner Jim Sterne guide your organization on the journey to leverage these game-changing capabilities.

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