Today’s toughest challenges into tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

We are experienced and inquisitive. Collaborative and innovative. We’re listeners, learners, strategists and doers. KWP Consulting offer tools, expertise and an outside perspective to help you adapt to change [or to help you pivot] and transform your toughest challenges into strategic business solutions.

We provide solutions through six distinct practice areas that reflect our deep knowledge and expertise and put you on the path to success.

We do it through alignment.

We connect brand, product, marketing, sales and operations with integrated strategies that maximize your potential and give you greater momentum with a common path forward.

Aligning objectives across business areas drives performance and growth.

How a clearly articulated investment philosophy and supporting materials helped a leading wealth management firm grow AUM by $1 billion in 12 months.

When a leading wealth management firm was struggling to identify and articulate its investment...